What is a Pneumatic Elevator?

A person who has never shopped for a custom home elevator should be prepared for an “elevator education”. You’ll want to pick the best elevator for your home, an elevator that will make your home a more enjoyable living environment.

Pneumatic (vacuum) elevators have become popular choices for home elevators in recent years.

Pneumatic elevators utilize air pressure to lift the elevator cab. The cab has a vacuum seal built into the ceiling.

Many pneumatic elevators are glass elevators, meaning the elevator cab is transparent. This is aesthetically pleasing.

The pneumatic elevator leads to an easier installation process. There no need for cables or pulleys. There is no elevator pit, machine room or hoist way.

Pneumatic elevators rely on the laws of physics. The difference in air pressure above and beneath the elevator cab safely raises and lowers the cab, allowing for a safe way to travel between floors in the home. Less equipment does not mean a compromise in safety. You will feel secure having a custom luxury pneumatic elevator in your home. This type of elevator has a driving machine that uses turbines that remove the air from the top of the elevator cab. As a result, the elevator moves downward. The elevator cab sits at the floor level at the bottom. At each floor stop, the elevator cab is held in place by mechanical locks.

Talk to a custom elevator provider about the available options with pneumatic elevators.

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