Round and Box-Shaped Elevators

Thinking about adding a custom elevator to your home? That’s terrific. Now it’s time to think about what type of elevator you’d like to create. You should have a working understanding on the different elevator styles available for use in a home.

Elevator cabs come in two shapes. You can choose a round elevator style or a box-shaped elevator style. Round elevator cabs tend to be the design for pneumatic, or vacuum, elevators. A box-shaped elevator is typical for all other elevators.

More and more, round glass elevators are being seen in homes. For one thing, this elevator design in much more affordable than in years past. Glass has become a popular option for home elevators in recent years. The actual glass is usually safety glass or plexiglass.

Box-shaped elevators may be more “traditional”, but they still allow for plenty of creativity and customized features. Glass, wood and metal combinations can all work with square elevator designs. These materials can go in both round and box-shaped elevators. Glass, metal and wood can be used for the actual elevator car (regardless of the shape), doors, panels and other parts of the interior.

Round elevators may be more accommodating to a home than square elevators. This can be less of an issue if you are building a home. Then you can choose the design that best fits your needs and build the new home with the custom elevator in mind. Round elevators will tend to take up less space, while box-shaped elevators may provide more roominess.

More About Custom Elevators

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