Tips for Designing a Custom Glass Elevator

Nothing makes a residential elevator more dramatic than glass walls in the cabin and matching glass walls in the hoistway that provide glorious 360 degrees of your home as you ascend and descend. Glass elevators have elevator panels designed as windows with a panoramic design. If you’re thinking of installing a glass elevator in your home, there are some design factors to consider, starting with the type of glass elevator you’ll install.

The first step in creating a custom glass elevator is deciding what type of home elevator best suits your house and needs. The basic types of home elevators include hydraulic, winding drum, machine traction drive, and vacuum elevators. All types of elevators need a machine room, except vacuum elevators. A machine traction drive elevator is the most green elevator available and doesn’t require oil to run.

Once you’ve determined the elevator type, here are some additional tips for designing a custom glass elevator:

  • Request a three-dimensional drawing of the custom glass elevator from the manufacturer
  • Round or octagonal design? Choose between a round custom glass elevator car design that offers and unobstructed view of your home with a recessed ceiling light that illuminates the cab. The round design offers a 58-inch diameter and 13.4 square feet of floor space that supports up to 839 pounds with wheelchair accessibility. The octagonal design offers a 44 inch wide cab, 24-inch wide open doorway, and 11.9 square feet of floor space and supports up to 744 pounds.
  • Floor design – Custom glass elevators can have standard or glass floors. Determine which style is best for your home
  • Elevator frame – Your custom glass elevator can have a glass frame or a birdcage-like metal frame. This is another design possibility to consider.
  • Cab design – You can custom design your glass elevator to include glass back wall panels and hoistway lighting that illuminates the cab as it travels between floors. The cab’s wood interior can be finished to match your home’s interior and the lighting system can be integrated to turn lights on automatically as the cab arrives at a floor.
  • Custom glass elevators add functionality as well as style to your home, with clear panel construction that prevents the elevators from overwhelming a room. Look online for elevator manufacturers that offer custom glass elevators at reasonable prices.

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