The Art of Elevator Design

Nationwide Lifts launched the Artisan Elevator line in 2009 to address the needs of discerning homeowners looking for something as luxurious, unique, and customizable as the homes for which they are built. Artisan clients are interested in both design and function and want an option that transcends a box elevator traveling in an enclosed shaft. The Artisan Elevator is designed to be an architectural focal point in the home rather than hidden away behind closed doors. With its combination of exceptional service and design expertise, Nationwide Lifts has installed stand-alone glass elevators and birdcage style elevators in the finest homes across North America.
The Artisan client demands the best, and Nationwide Lifts continues to work with its manufacturing partners to provide beautiful and distinctive elevators to meet all of its clients’ needs.

Proudly made in the USA

The Artisan Elevator is as versatile as it is beautiful and can be customized to fit any home. For some homes, the Artisan Elevator is the only elevator that can fit into the desired space. Artisan clients do not have to compromise functionality and beauty in order to get the convenience of a home elevator. In many circumstances, the Artisan Elevator can provide wheelchair access in a small footprint when no other product can.

While the footprint is important, there are many other things to consider when adding an Artisan Elevator to a home.

  • Pitless: Many elevators require a pit 4” to 12” deep. The Artisan Elevator can be installed on existing floors with no pit.
  • Overhead: Most elevators require 96” to 108” or more ceiling height on the upper landing. The Artisan Elevator can work with as little as 92”.
  • Capacity: Most Artisan Elevators have a capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • Color Selection: Artisan Elevators have 10 popular powder coat colors, with hundreds of other colors options.

The Artisan Elevator is custom built to fit nearly any space or location.

While Artisan Elevators can be almost any shape, square or rectangular shapes maximize the usable space inside the cab and make wheelchair accessibility and ADA compliance easier. There are three standard widths (36”, 48”, and 60”) for which the depth can be customized without adding any cost. Even these standard designs, however, go above and beyond anything else on the market in terms of design features and customization.

Chart: Common Sizes

FootprintApprox. Inside CabCapacityWheelchair Accessible?
36” wide x 36” deep30” wide x 28” deep500 lbsNo
48” wide x 48” deep42” wide x 40” deep1000 lbs.Yes (small)
48” wide x 64” deep40” wide x 54” deep1000 lbs.Yes
60” wide x 60” deep48” wide x 45” deep1000 lbs.Yes

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The options for a custom elevator are seemingly endless. Our designers will work alongside you through each step of the process to customize a luxury new elevator that fits your home or business perfectly. The design begins with selection of the best motor system and ideal base for your indoor elevator.