Birdcage Elevators From Artisan Elevators: Vintage Elevator Glamour

The style for a birdcage elevator dates back to the turn of the 20th century. Many buildings at this time were designed with ornate metal elevators, referred to as birdcage elevators, which were operated manually. Birdcage elevators at the time were designed as square or rounded cars, but the actual “birdcage” name came from being able to look out of the elevator car at the surroundings. Vintage birdcage designs for an elevator mobility system aren’t obsolete, however, as many consumers today look for an antique elevator to match the look and the feel of their home or business. Although they can be seen in many older commercial buildings, it’s also possible to find a vintage elevator for sale, as they are still custom-manufactured by request. At Artisan Elevators, our master crafters are skilled at creating vintage-style home elevators tailored to any space.

Both modern homes and commercial structures, such as hotels or small office buildings, can have a birdcage elevator installed to accentuate the interior. While they are, of course, functional mobility solutions, no one can deny that aesthetics are part of the charm of birdcage elevators. Residential homes are some of the best places for installation, since they can be incorporated into your personal décor choices.

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Customized Birdcage Elevators: Create Your Own Cage Elevator Design

Each custom birdcage elevator we create starts with an ornate metal frame, which is usually made from steel. But as the elevator design is customized, other metals may be used upon request, if you’re looking for a particular style of antique elevator in which to invest. The metal, especially if it’s steel, is then coated with a high-quality finish, which can give the metal components of a vintage elevator a darker or brighter color, depending upon the customer’s preference.

Although the design of the elevator resembles a birdcage, safety is crucial, so for proper enclosure, glass panels are used on the elevator car as well. The hoistway, or shaft, is made of glass, too, giving passengers the full birdcage experience while riding in this type of panoramic elevator.

The machinery used for a bespoke antique elevator can come in four different types, but the types typically used for a birdcage elevator are cable-driven rather than pneumatic. A cable-driven elevator may either be traction-driven or use an overhead winding drum. Both of these elevator types operate with a suspended cab and a counterweight to move between floors. Neither birdcage elevator style requires a machine room for installation, and a traction elevator also doesn’t require oil or a large amount of electricity to operate, making it the more eco-friendly choice to buy.

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Birdcage elevators give homes and commercial buildings a classic and old-fashioned appearance while still being modern. In addition, they allow passengers a panoramic view of your home or business when moving between floors. Creating a custom birdcage elevator is as simple as contacting Artisan Elevators, a nationwide leader in high-quality lifts, to discuss your elevator’s design, antique style, and size possibilities. Contact us for more information on how to buy a vintage elevator for sale or customize your own birdcage elevator to complement your home or commercial environment.

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