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It goes without saying that only the finest materials are used it the construction of your elevator. Whether it’s the sumptuous leather, exotic woods, brass or copper, each element is superbly finished to lend its own unique appeal to the overall design. It’s not enough to select the finest materials. Only through exacting craftsmanship can the true potential to create a unique and personal ambience to satisfy the most discriminating tastes.

Part of the planning for an in home or commercial elevator involves deciding where to put the elevator and machine room for the elevator motor and how much space is available for an elevator. As home elevators are having presence in many types of homes, custom elevators, instead of a generic elevator, are a luxury by combining the convenience and novelty of a home elevator with unique design of an array of luxury materials. Whether your custom elevator will be a personal elevator, residential elevator, or commercial elevator for a medium-sized building, the architecture and elevator design can be made to blend in with the rest of your house.

In our gallery, some of the styles of elevator design are on display. The first step in creating a custom elevator with an elevator manufacturer is deciding on the type of in home elevator that best suits your house and needs. The basic types for a home elevator or small commercial elevator include hydraulic elevators, winding drum elevators, machine traction drive elevators, and vacuum elevators. With the exception of vacuum elevators, all other elevator types need a machine room, which also requires some planned space in your house, even if it simply is a small closet for the elevator motor. In addition, for the environmentally-conscious, a machine traction drive elevator is the most green elevator available, as it doesn’t need oil to run.

Our wide variety of custom elevator styles includes many materials for elevator design, with glass being one of the most widely used materials, especially for vacuum elevators. Glass elevators have elevator panels designed as windows and often have a panoramic design. A vacuum glass elevator allows you to have a view of your entire house as you ascend or descend from different floors. Glass elevators, in addition, have a contemporary, minimalist style when combined with metal and, for a house with contemporary décor, a steel and glass elevator could be an elevator design possibility.

An elevator panel, as well as the elevator floor, is an essential part of the elevator design, and aside from the contemporary look of a glass elevator, other traditional options for a home or commercial elevator include wood and metal. As you can see by the pictures in our gallery of luxury custom elevator designs for a home, some materials used in our custom elevator designs include exotic woods and metal like brass and copper as solid elevator panel materials or as wood or metal working for part of the elevator design.

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The options for a custom elevator are seemingly endless. Our designers will work alongside you through each step of the process to customize a luxury new elevator that fits your home or business perfectly. The design begins with selection of the best motor system and ideal base for your indoor elevator.