The Smallest Home Elevators from Artisan Elevators

At Artisan Elevators, we make the smallest elevators in the world.  Not only do we make the smallest elevators, we customize them to fit your exact available footprint. Our custom elevators efficiently utilize the space, providing a comfortable cab within a minimum sized footprint.  Whether you need a very narrow elevator or a very shallow home elevator, Artisan Elevators can meet your demands. 

We love a challenge!  If you have been told by other elevator companies that you cannot fit a home elevator, give us a call.  We deliver viable home elevator solutions where other elevator companies say it’s impossible.  We do the impossible on a regular basis.  In many cases, the Artisan Elevator is the only elevator that will fit in a small space.

If are wondering what is the minimum size of an elevator, we can help.  We can provide an elevator that fits in a footprint 28” wide x 28” deep.  We can provide an elevator in a narrow 26” space.  If you need a very small elevator, send us the details.  We will be happy to draw up a solution and provide custom drawings.  Attached are just a sample of the tiny elevators we can install.

What is the smallest residential elevator?

Artisan Elevators can make the smallest residential elevator. We have designs as small as 28’’ by 28’’ and can customize narrower ones as well. The smallest residential elevator is customized to meet your space requirements.

How do you build a small elevator?

The Artisan Elevator has a unique approach to elevator design to maximize the space in the most efficient way. We build the smallest elevator with a cable driven elevator and a rail system which takes up minimal space.

How much does a small commercial elevator cost?

The smallest commercial elevator is called a LULA and those range in cost from about $50,000-$65,000.

What is a small elevator called?

The smallest elevator we have is called a small custom elevator. Our Artisan Elevators can have a footprint as small as 28’’ by 28’’ which can fit into a very small space.

What is the cheapest home elevator?

The least expensive home elevator is a shaftless elevator which is a certain type of elevator that can be installed in 2 story homes.

What is the minimum size of an elevator?

There is no minimum size of an elevator. Size is dependent on the homeowner and their needs since there is no code limit to the minimum size.

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