The Story of Artisan Elevators

Building on the success of the Artisan Elevator line, Nationwide Lifts opened a design and manufacturing facility in Syracuse, NY in 2018 to produce its most demanding designs. With an in-house team of electrical and mechanical engineers, we design distinctive, custom elevators that can fit any space. Old world style craftsmanship and skill are combined with the latest, high-tech equipment to fabricate elevators that are works of art. Our facility was assembled with one goal in mind: create custom elevators that nobody else dares to make. This is not a volume factory. This is a craftsman shop creating Artisan Elevators.

New challenges require fresh approaches and state-of-the-art designs. Artisan Elevators are as innovative as they are beautiful. Since the launch of the Syracuse facility, we have filed several new patents. If your project demands innovation, distinction, and customization, then Artisan Elevator is your answer.

Your dreams. Our expertise. One extraordinary elevator.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Nationwide Lifts developed the Artisan Elevators series to offer its clients an ultra-luxury alternative to off the shelf elevators. We partnered with a manufacturing company with 20+ years of designing and manufacturing the finest quality hand built elevators around the world. Their reputation rests on the experienced skills and passions of the craftsman they employ. They work on each elevator as if it were going to be their own. An elevator may be to take our customer from A to B. But it is how we get them there that demonstrates the uniqueness of each one of our products.

Artisan Elevators are the definitive expression of individualization. Our approach to the work process, problem solving, fabrication and attention to every detail will give you peace of mind throughout the project. We listen to our clients’ wishes and execute solutions with precisely engineered, high-quality components and attend to every detail necessary to achieve only the highest of standards.

Home elevators are becoming more common, with many types of smaller elevators with a hydraulic or winding drum lift easily installed in most medium-sized homes. As with all products, high-end and luxury options are available, and Artisan Elevators offers custom elevators for your luxury home that not only give you the convenience of an elevator but the sophisticated design to match the décor of your home or small commercial building. Our selection of custom elevators are designed as both home elevators and commercial elevators, and the design possibilities for your luxury home, small building, or business are practically infinite.

The design process for creating a custom elevator involves both the designers for Artisan Elevators and you. The start of the designing process for your home or commercial elevator begins with choosing the location for the elevator, and, in some cases, the machine room for the elevator or elevator motor, as this, too, needs space in your home. Home elevators and small commercial elevators are typically designed as hydraulic elevators, winding drum elevators, machine tractor drive elevators, and vacuum elevators, which require to machine room, and all of these home and small commercial elevators types will be explained, so you can decide which type can be worked within your home, building, or business. Once the space and dimensions have been allocated and decided, the actual designing process can start for a commercial or residential elevator. The unique and customized aspect for our elevators are in the parts of an elevator and elevator components – how they fit in with the rest of your house or business and what you would like in the overall elevator design. Once all elevators parts, from the elevator doors to the elevator motor and guide, have been decided, our designers create two-dimensional and three-dimensional elevator models before the actual elevator installation begins in your home.

The types and styles of elevators that our designers can create are next to infinite. Custom luxury homes with elevators, as well as commercial elevators in medium-sized buildings. Some of the options that we carry for custom home elevators include glass elevators, panoramic elevators, and glass panoramic elevator styles. The interior design for an elevator can include various materials for elevator panel designs, including high-quality metals like brass and copper in solid plates or with decorative metal work, exotic woods, and leather. From minimalist to fancy elevators, custom luxury elevators for your home or business can be made with a myriad of materials and styles to match your home décor.

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The options for a custom elevator are seemingly endless. Our designers will work alongside you through each step of the process to customize a luxury new elevator that fits your home or business perfectly. The design begins with selection of the best motor system and ideal base for your indoor elevator.