Can a Commercial Elevator be moved into Your Home?

Do you have a commercial elevator at your business that has outlived its usefulness? Do you have a home that could support a commercial elevator? Would you like to move your commercial elevator to your home?

Let’s be honest. This probably can’t be done. The good news is, you likely have plenty of residential elevators options. You can have a customized home elevator designed for your home.

One of the first decisions you need to make on the type of elevator for your home. Certain elevator types are just better for commercial buildings. Any type of elevator requires a certain amount of space. The amount of space needed for a home elevator can be determined by the size of the home and local codes and zoning regulations.

A hydraulic elevator is the type of elevator that can be used either in a home or small business. This elevator moves between floors via a hydraulic piston. This is a low-rise and low-speed elevator, so it is perfect for office building four floors or less or residential buildings that are six floors or less.

On the other hand, a pneumatic elevator, also known as a vacuum elevator, is a great choice for a home. These types of elevators do not require any machine room.

No matter what elevator you choose for your home, Artisan Elevators can help you design a custom elevator that fits perfectly to your home. Contact Artisan Elevators today to discuss your home elevator options, from the beginning of the architectural process to the end product.

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