What Are Birdcare Elevators?

When considering a luxury custom elevator for a home or business, you have many different options. One of the more unique choices for an elevator is a birdcage elevator. The style that makes up the birdcage elevator dates back more than a century ago. It goes back to a time when most buildings were designed with ornate metal elevators. They were then called birdcage elevators. Those days also saw elevators being manually operated.

The birdcage portion of elevator allowed passengers to look out of the car at their surroundings.

As people discover the benefits of luxury home elevators, they may be happy to discover that birdcage elevators are still an option for a luxury elevators design.

Artisan Elevators can design and deliver the home elevator that is best for your home. Each custom birdcage elevator at Artisan Elevators starts with an ornate metal frame, often made with steel. The metal is then coated with a finish to protect it and to add color. The color will be either lighter or darker, depending on the color of the metal.

The design still features a birdcage look, it also has added safety features. Glass panels are used in the actual elevator car. The hoistway is also clear, so passengers can look out of the car.

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