How Long Does It Take to Install a Custom Home Elevator?

There is no doubt that a well-designed custom-built home elevator adds tremendous value, beauty and freedom to a home. There is a lot to think about when deciding it’s time to install a custom-built elevator in your luxury home. One of the big questions you’ll likely ask when getting the elevator process underway is, how long does it take to install a custom elevator?

It’s important to remember that the design process comes before the installation process. The design process begins with exchanges of ideas and drawings. It’s important to go over the design concept and production. Top custom elevator builders will deliver a 3-D model of the custom elevator to the customer. This allows a customer to clearly see how the elevator will look, rather than trying to conceptualize the finished product.

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The building and construction of the elevator obviously takes time. This is time that will result in a tremendous addition to your home, and you want to deal with an elevator builder that will work with you every step of the way.

You’ll need to decide on things like: How many levels of the home will need elevator accessibility? It is best to go with a pneumatic or cable-driven elevator? Again, these are not all questions you need to answer on your own. Your elevator builder will work with you to come up with the answers. The design process will also involve deciding where to put the elevator in your home and how the location will impact the design.

Designing the right custom elevator takes time, but it is time and money well spent.

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The options for a custom elevator are seemingly endless. Our designers will work alongside you through each step of the process to customize a luxury new elevator that fits your home or business perfectly. The design begins with selection of the best motor system and ideal base for your indoor elevator.