How Is a Birdcage Elevator Designed?

A vintage birdcage elevator can give an air of timeless sophistication to your home or business. A classic birdcage elevator is a modern version of a design from a bygone era. Birdcage elevators became popular around the turn of the 20th century. They consisted of rounded or square cars with metal frames that allowed passengers to look out at the interior of the building as they rode between floors. These ornate metal elevators were operated manually.

Even though they are old-fashioned, birdcage elevators are not obsolete. They can still be created on request and customized to match individual preferences and décor for a home or business. They are popular in modern homes, hotels, and small businesses.

A birdcage elevator is crafted with an ornate metal frame, usually steel. Other metals can be used upon request. The metal can be coated with a finish to give it a lighter or darker color.

Glass panels enclose the elevator car for safety. The shaft, or hoistway, is also constructed with glass to give passengers a view of the building.

Birdcage elevators use cable-driven operating systems. They can be either traction or winding drum models. Both use a suspended car and counterweight to move from floor to floor. Neither requires a machine room, and a traction elevator does not require oil or a large amount of electricity to operate.

If you want to add a modern convenience to your residential or commercial property but are also seeking a classic design, consider a birdcage elevator from Artisan Elevators. We can help you design a custom elevator to add timeless elegance to your building.

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