Our new elevator design options may include a variety of mechanical features, each with distinctive characteristics that cater to an array of site specifications, such as hydraulic, winding drum, vacuum, or machine traction drive technology. The winding drum elevator is a classic option, with passenger models dating back to the late 1800s, and does not require you to allocate space for a machine room in your home. Hydraulic lifts are our most readily wheelchair-accessible type of mobility system, although they require the designation of a machine room in order to operate, while vacuum, machine traction drive, and winding drum elevators do not. Machine traction drive elevators are a popular choice among our environmentally conscious clientele, as the counterweight balance system offsets the car load and is therefore more energy efficient than its hydraulic counterpart. Likewise, the vacuum technology is a new elevator concept that provides exceptionally smooth, reliable, and elegant service, along with a clean 360-degree view and whimsical floating appearance. An especially low-maintenance option, this type of new elevator system is pneumatic and relies on air pressure differences and equalization rather than cables, motors, and gears for operation of the car. Upon choosing Artisan Elevators, we’ll help analyze your space and assist you in making a selection that is optimally tailored to your personal needs.

We offer detailed customization of exterior and interior design elements such as luxury glass elevator panoramas and bold metallic statement work in aluminum, brass, or copper, either as accent pieces or solid plating. Elevator floors and panels are also open to creative liberty. Materials our clientele have been inspired to use so far include exotic woods, leather, and other high-end textiles. We take pride in our exquisite workmanship and understand that whether your new home elevator is a centrally located conversation piece or subtly integrated into your domicile, you want it to be a work of art. We value your freedom of expression and work tirelessly to realize and support the individual vision you have for the new elevator concept in your space. With our team of dedicated consultants, engineers, and crafters, we guarantee you an effortless and non-intrusive survey, design, and installation experience from start to finish.

In addition to home elevator systems, we also specialize in high-end lifts for commercial spaces, with equally diverse customizations available at your request. Finished new elevator products may be exhibited in our online gallery; take a look to see the types of elevators we’re capable of creating. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or request a project quote to begin your new elevator design process today.