When planning to buy a vintage-style elevator, you’ll need to decide on both the look of the elevator and the type of elevator drive it will use. A birdcage style is a popular choice with those seeking a vintage-looking elevator. This style gets its name from its appearance, which is reminiscent of an ornate birdcage. A birdcage-style elevator will typically be cable-driven, either using a machine traction drive or an overhead winding drum. Originating in the early 20th century, this style of elevator will transport its passengers with class. Because this style is a type of panoramic elevator, those who ride in it are able to see all around them as they’re moving from one floor to the next. The open metalwork of birdcage elevators is often enclosed in safety glass, and a decorative metal gate or door adds the finishing touch to this eye-catching style.

Another option for creating an elevator with an antique look is to customize the interior so that it more closely reflects a bygone era. Copper or brass paneling or rails, for example, can often have a warm, antique feel. For inspiration, look to the history of elevator design during the late 19th and early 20th century for images and descriptions. Putting thought into the details can heighten the antique feel of a vintage-looking elevator. The finish of the elevator can make the metal look darker or lighter to suit your preference. A darkened finish on metals such as copper, for example, can give an elevator an attractive, aged appearance. Fixtures such as lighting, vents, panels, and accessories can be added to reflect a vintage style as well. Even people who choose not to go with a birdcage elevator may design the door of their elevator with a vintage motif.

To create your ideal custom elevator, you’ll work with a team of Artisan Elevators designers. We’ll discuss your wishes for your vintage elevator design, such as whether a more rounded or box-shaped car will best complement your space. Based on your specifications, we’ll sketch out your custom elevator, and then, we’ll create a three-dimensional model that will help you more accurately visualize what your elevator will look like before our artisans get to work bringing your vision to life. When you’re ready to purchase a mobility system for your home, you can trust Artisan Elevators to provide both high-end service and craftsmanship. A vintage or antique elevator will make a stunning addition to the most luxurious of homes or commercial buildings.