Custom Residential Elevators

As residential elevators have become more affordable, the next step in luxury is to create a custom design. Custom residential lifts are built according to your expectations. This includes the design and architecture of the elevator cab and hoistway as well as the materials used. From high-end metals to exotic woods, almost nothing is off limits when designing a custom residential elevator with Artisan Elevators. Some common designs for large or small residential elevators include birdcage elevators and panoramic designs. While both of these types of designs are possible with the help of our team of master crafters and engineers, so are many others.

Creating a residential elevator from scratch is a joint effort between you and our artisans. After the type of elevator has been decided upon, you and our designers will work together to define every detail of your vision. We can create residential lifts and elevators in a wide range shapes, sizes, and styles. For a contemporary, minimalist feel, perhaps you would like a panoramic glass elevator. Residential spaces with more of an antique feel might be better suited for a birdcage elevator. Want the cab of your residential lift to perfectly match the interior of your home? This can be discussed and drawn into a two-dimensional plan. Want to create something more elaborate? This can also be realized.

After we’ve sketched out and settled on your design, our team will create a three-dimensional model so you can see how the elevator will look from all sides. This is your chance to make sure that every detail is exactly as you’d like it. Once this design has been finalized, our engineers will test the elevator before it’s installed in your home. Once we’re satisfied with the quality of your lift, residential installation can begin.

A large part of creating custom residential elevators comes down to the frame. Although certain styles, like birdcage or panoramic, can be designed using several the mechanism options, one type of mobility system may be better-suited for your home than another. The best residential elevators will be designed to take into account the physical space available as well as the home’s aesthetic. Choose from hydraulic, winding drum, machine traction drive, and pneumatic elevators for your small residential lift.

Residential home elevators should express the character of the house, and at Artisan Elevators, we have residential elevators for sale to satisfy any taste. When you commission Artisan Elevators to craft your residential lifts, you can expect a high-end, luxury elevator. For residential home design and installation, we engage you in the entire process of designing and installing your small residential elevator. Contact us today to start creating the best residential elevator for your space.

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The options for a custom elevator are seemingly endless. Our designers will work alongside you through each step of the process to customize a luxury new elevator that fits your home or business perfectly. The design begins with selection of the best motor system and ideal base for your indoor elevator.