How Much Space Should You Have for a Custom Elevator?

While customization opens up a new door to style and design, any elevator needs to meet certain structural parameters. Mainly, how large should this fixture be, and how much room will it take up? As your project starts, keep these aspects in mind:

The Hoistway

The hoistway, also known as the shaft, has multiple configurations: Build into your home, installed as a separate fixture, or even added to the exterior.

Yet, for all, it must provide a space at least 36” wide by 48” deep for the elevator and, in total, will take up about 52” by 56” of room.

Your elevator may further need additional overhead space. For machine traction drive systems, prepare to have nine feet of overhead clearance, and make sure that your home has a location outside of the hoistway for the cabinet.

Are you planning to provide wheelchair access? Then, the car and hoistway will need to be larger. For the interior, make sure you provide at least a 36” wide by 60” deep area or, for a different configuration, 40” wide by 57” deep.

The Pit

This is where the elevator car rests. For this use, the space must be six to eight inches deep while sitting right above your basement floor. If you plan to add your own flooring into the pit, give it an additional one to two inches, as it’s better to be too deep than too shallow.

The Machine Room

Will your elevator require a machine room? It’s a standard feature for hydraulic and winding drum systems, although unnecessary for vacuum and traction drive elevators.

How much space will you need?

  • Winding drum, or cable-driven, elevators need an enclosure that’s roughly 16 inches deep.
  • Hydraulic elevators need a four foot by four foot space that can be created anywhere within your home.

Yet, within the elevator and its hoistway, the design possibilities are nearly limitless. See all that you can do in our gallery, and if you have something in mind, contact our team today.

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