How Long Does It Take to Build and Install a Custom Elevator?

You’re considering a custom elevator for your home or building, but at some point early on, you wonder, “Just how long will it take?” Creating and installing an elevator, even when it’s a standard model, is a lengthy process. The fixture must be built, your home needs to have space cleared and prepared, and then it needs to be installed, which includes electrical wiring. Consider these steps:

1. Design and Creation

Particularly concerning custom elevators, you and our team need to come up with a design. This involves brainstorming a concept, down to the materials, and drawing it up through a CAD program and model.

Once you like the look, the actual building process begins. Depending what’s needed, creating the system could take anywhere from four to eight weeks. In more extreme cases, up to five months may be needed for specialty components and detailed fabrication.

2. Preparation

Is your home or building ready for an elevator? If it’s a commercial facility, be prepared to consider building codes, removing any existing fixtures, expanding a hoistway, and re-doing wiring to accommodate the new system. Dismantling an existing elevator could last up to a few weeks.

For a home, it’s imperative that you have space for the hoistway, even if it’s an entirely self-contained system, and that a wide enough area’s cleared away for the cab. Make sure to have 4′ x 4′ for the car, a 5′ x 5′ hoistway, and a pit of 6″, 8″, or 12″. Overhead of up to 10 feet may be needed, depending upon operation.

3. Installation

Once both aspects are ready, your custom elevator can be installed. Typically, installation lasts three days, but the length is contingent on multiple factors:
  • What’s being installed? Does the elevator have a self-contained or constructed hoistway? Will you need a machine room?
  • What other components are needed? Your elevator needs a controller and guide rails.
  • Testing
Through these steps, your image will reach fruition. To begin planning or to inquire about design possibilities, contact Artisan to learn more.

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