Five Reasons to Create a Custom Elevator

Many might look at the price tag behind a custom elevator and balk. But what you’re getting exceeds the standard. Consider these points:

1. You’re involved in the design stage

Business and home owners, in looking at the basic options, often ask themselves, “Why won’t this quite fit in with the walls and hallway?” The basic metallic look seems slightly off visually, but customization corrects that and goes beyond.

Ultimately, you get a say in materials and shape about the final product. The early stages – CAD images and models – give you a glimpse before you give your final approval.

2. It’s to your specifications

Expanding upon the point above, there’s minimal compromising in creating a custom design. From the start, you can request that Artisan create a birdcage-shaped or all-glass elevator. Or, to be really nitty-gritty, you come to the table with a list of woods and antique-style metals you’d like for the interior. These, then, make the elevator uniquely yours.

3. It fits in with your building

Within luxury, upscale buildings, a particular aesthetic drives the design. Even when it comes to functionality, this look must be maintained.

As such, the typical elevator ends up looking odd. If you’re striving for a certain minimalist sleekness or have an ornate hallway you’d like to match, the exterior doors and interior cab can create a fluid, seamless design from one space to the next.

4. Craftsmanship is key

Within the luxury field, having something “bespoke” is worthy of bragging rights. And, when you can create a bespoke car, why not have the same done for the elevator? Just as you can select upholstery and wood paneling for your car’s interior, a custom elevator comes with similar perks and more. After all, even with bespoke vehicles, you’re still creating within a uniform shape.

5. It meets your building’s requirements

Are you constructing a building from the ground up? Ensure that the elevator fits in right from the start. Customization allows our team to design a product with your building codes in mind, as well as have it meet basic ADA standards.

Interested in creating a custom elevator? See all that Artisan can do. View our work in the gallery, browse to read about our services, and then contact our team for more information.

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