Accessible Luxury Living With Custom Residential Elevators

A luxury home needs the finest mobility system to provide family members with full access to every floor. To fit with other luxury amenities and architectural features of a residence, a high-end wheelchair elevator for the home offers custom features that will appeal to virtually anyone. At Artisan Elevators, we are committed to working with you to ensure that you receive precisely the home wheelchair elevator you want and need to provide full accessibility and mobility. Let us show you all of the design possibilities that are available, and then, we will create the lift of your dreams.

We specialize in creating custom wheelchair lifts for homes. Whatever your home’s style, we can design a wheelchair elevator for home use that will fit with the existing interior features and decor. For a modern home, a glass elevator might be the perfect choice. We also offer panoramic elevators to afford a full-circle view of the home as the lift moves up and down. Homes that feature specialized building materials, such as exotic woods or specific metals such as brass and copper, can have these materials echoed in the wheelchair elevator. Leather trim is also available, and customers can also incorporate ornate metal and tile designs. Artisan Elevators is committed to creating an elevator to match any home and the desires of every homeowner. The process of creating home elevators for wheelchairs begins with a design consultation. We will personally consult with you to create preliminary sketches of your ideas and desires. We’ll also assist you with full planning of precisely where the elevator will fit in your home and which materials and styles will match the existing decor. Whether you prefer a contemporary style or something more antique and ornate, we can create a customized design that suits your needs. You will have the opportunity to review the sketches to approve the design you wish to use. We will then create a three-dimensional model of your elevator of choice. We have found that producing a 3D model is ideal because it enables our clients to fully conceptualize what the elevator will look like upon completion. No one should have to settle for a mediocre, off-the-shelf solution when it comes to in-home mobility and home elevators for wheelchairs. As this is such an important addition for accessibility and mobility, we want to help you choose and plan the wheelchair elevator lift that will meet your needs. Once you approve the 3D model, the full architectural process begins, which includes custom manufacturing, testing of every component, and finally installation in your home. Contact us with any questions and we’d be glad to assist you in getting a high-quality elevator for your home. We can also provide an initial quote to help you explore your options. Simply tell us your specifications and our computerized estimating system will produce a quick and accurate quote. You can reach us by phone or email with your questions, or you can request a quote online at any time. The options for our wheelchair lifts for homes are virtually limitless, and we pride ourselves on our sophisticated designs and infinite component choices. See what we can do for you today.

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The options for a custom elevator are seemingly endless. Our designers will work alongside you through each step of the process to customize a luxury new elevator that fits your home or business perfectly. The design begins with selection of the best motor system and ideal base for your indoor elevator.